New user - bewildered

I am unsure whether this is the correct board to post this on, but bewilderingly I could see no forum board simply for 'Comodo Firewall questions '.
I have installed Comodo on my PC with XP as I did not want to use another well-known free firewall as it installs so much unwanted items on the user’s PC.
As soon as I installed Comodo I remembered why on a previous occasion I had deleted it. This is simply because of its infuriating habit of keep repeating the same question. For example, I run an anti-virus program that writes to the registry and although I say ‘Allow’ on the Comodo warning and have ticked ‘Remember this answer’, it still keeps appearing and asking me the SAME question about
the SAME activity the SAME program. It is not only this program, as when I have run Comodo before, it keeps asking what it should do when other programs have, for example, wanted to keep connecting to the internet. In desperation, I always end up turning Comodo off!
Why won’t this program remember what the user has said (i.e., ALLOW and REMEMBER)?
I would say this annoying feature almost makes it unusable.

PC Magazine’s review of the product seems to agree with you. Quote from the article reviewer and link follow:

"I always clicked the Allow option, because doing otherwise caused the installer or program to fail. Even so, in two cases Comodo seemed unable to remember that I had clicked Allow. I clicked Allow repeatedly, but gave up (in both cases) after 16 tries.

The HIPS system just isn’t appropriate for the average user. Even users with advanced technical skills will want to leave it turned off, the way it comes configured initially."

I think about the problem with an old adage: The more you complicate the plumbing, the easier it is to stop-up the drains.

If an “expert” in AV products at PC Magazine is frustrated, you know you got a REAL PROBLEM.

Edit: Want to add that the problem is documented in that article to at least start the bug process. In my own observations, it would appear to be generated by a conflict in rules, e.g. corruption by deletion of HIPS Rules (like those in the standard set from initial install) in the normal process of operation. I had that happen in a V7 Vista Home x32 system, where the system suddenly started giving popups for System tasks, and I discovered all the HIPS Rules (normal set) where missing and Custom rules were there (due to the popup responses). How that happened is a total mystery. Had to completely uninstall and reinstall V7 to fix the problem. Really begs for a simple “RESET TO FACTORY” feature on the product. Also, the responses WOULD NOT TAKE requiring repeated answer to the same question…and Yes I know how to respond. That’s what got me looking at HIPS rules.

Its rather simple to use a program that asks detailed questions.

If you want to use a programm, choose TREAT AS ALLOWED application AND remember my answer.
If you want it to use the internet, choose TREAT AS OUTGOING ONLY AND remember my asnwer.

If its an installer choose treat as installer or updater BUT DONT remember my answer.

You dont need to answer ALL questions. Just the initial one, and make the choice you want to make.

Thats all.

Have fun and stay safe.

The critizism you read is basically the critic about the WRONG way of using such a safety program. Nothing else.

Clockwork - the problem is, as I thought I had clearly explained, is that I say ‘Allow’ and
Remember my answer, and seconds later it asks whether it should allow an action which is IDENTICAL
to the one I just said Allow and Remember my answer to.
I found myself having to close the program so many times I have now deleted it. The authors need to
do A LOT more work on it

I’ve had incidences of this problem back with CIS V6 and continuing with V7. The prior V6 issues were with XP and the latest was Vista Home Basic x32 with a fresh install of V6 on a new build (factory restore of Vista) back in March 2014 after all MS service updates applied. The corruption appeared to happen subsequent to update to V7 with roll-out last May/June to that system. The problem happened in August, just after the MS black Tuesday updates roll, so it might be related to changes or any responses made to standard MS maintenance. It could also tie back to the method of install of V7, i.e. an update vs uninstall of V6 and install of V7. I noted that you’ve had prior install and am curious if there is conflict caused by update method that remains unresolved until triggered by some event.

I’ve been wanting to catch and better document this problem. That Vista system was production for a client, so I just didn’t have the time to properly investigate, other than spot the HIPS corruption as cause. Needed to get that system back in service ASAP. The fact that a standard test set by PC Magazine can replicate the problem should be a good way to get it into the Devs Lab (IMO) as a starting point. Don’t know if it is the same problem or a different problem.

Do you use TREAT AS

or do you press ALLOW? Allow just allows the question you just read. Of course it can be the same KIND of question again, but a tiny different spot!
So, if you want to use a safe application, treat it as allowed application. Obviously.

On xp, vista, 7 i allways just have to answer once per application by choosing TREAT AS allowed application. After i installed it. The installer i

I used paranoid mode as well for years. So i definitely know that it just works easily.