New Update Today?

Just checking because CPF downloaded and installed a new update today. I have been receiving an update regularly for the past few days. Did you guys receive an update today?

I manually update, and just received the infamous error 106, so I don’t know if there are updates today. What are the version numbers you see in the About screen?

I manually update myself. The version that I’m using and showing in CPF is and Database Version - 3.0.

Yep, that’s what I get. I just tried without error 106 and it states none available, so those are the latest. I don’t know why you would keep getting the updates if you already have the latest ???

My copy of Comodo firewall shows the same information, however I haven’t received any updates lately, I think the next update will actually be an upgrade which will be for version 3.


ghaznichi, you can file a ticket if you still receive the updates again before v3 goes out.