new update problems

after updating to version, youtube videos posted on facebook
after doing play no longer have access to them lock, music plays but you can not put forward or stop the video.
any suggestions???

Hi Darkc0de,
I suspect this to be as a result of a new conflicting bug between the Dragon and the Flash plug-in.
All issues I have tested so far work OK with Pepperflash.

what i do ???

The only workaround I have found is by using Pepperflash.
However you do need a copy of Pepperflash and then follow the instructions kindly posted here by burebista to activate the plugin.

Let us hope Comodo can resolve this quickly.

i can’t do looooll

I do not understand why copy of Pepperflash

…aw man, I should have known it was too good to be true - thought all was well 'til I read this & tried it - why is Comodo always FRAUGHT with bugs, this don’t work, that don’t work, their own programs conflict with eachother all the time - read about it all the time - always a NEW problem yada yada yada etc - :-(…

friend if you do not want help at least not catches them

I’ve thought the same thing.

Both of you are not very descriptive. I replied to your other unsubstantiated remark asking for clarification.

Broad sweeping statements or supporting them is not very useful.

Does this problem also arise on Chrome browser or is it Dragon only?

no, I’ve been checking, chrome and also the same problem with this

with Pepperflash, works well