New Update Problem

My Dad seems to have problems with his firewall after updating… the most recent update (which took 30mins on a 6500k connection) DIDNT ask him to reboot twice, and he couldnt get online unless he disabled the firewall…

Now his rules all looked a bit iffy …all on custom with loads of the same ALLOW ALL rule in each set for each app… so I deleted them all so that comodo would re-ask for permission after telling him to reboot… he is still having problems

Is this update ok? after installing on mine diagnostics found errors

Try going to firewall behavior settings/ alert settings and setting it to high. This should produce more specific automatic rules. You can also try very high to see the difference, but this is often too specific for most users. If he is still having problems, I would suggest downloading the full install. First export your settings, then run the installer. It will uninstall the previous version for you first. Then reboot and run the installer. You may end up with one or two reboots, depending on ? There are new default firewall policies and some other changes, so you can let the program run for a while, and reimport your old settings only if you think it is necessary.

ok - he had to reinstall it in the end and has disabled UPDATES…

why is the update doing this?