New update of CIS problems

I got a notification that it was a new update of CIS that includes some fixes.
I clicked on the button that I don’t want to update right that moment.

So later that day when I had time for a reboot I checked for a update. And It’s no update anymore?
So what happened? Is the update gone or what?

My current version of CIS is: 5.10.228257.2253

Hi pooned,
Not sure what happened but I imagine small glitch possibly, somewhere between your system and the update servers.
V5.10.228257.2253 is the current version.
Kind regards.

Edit: Windows 8 users only, have had an update maybe a temporary error on the update servers while this was being added.

I occasionally get the update icon in the task tray while at work, but there is not really an update. I am guessing the firewall or something here is causing the false notification.

You will see the updater icon when the software is checking for updates.