New update is causing windows api error 131107 with COD4


Firstly…I have been using Comodo for a while now and I thinks it’s great…haven’t got infected since I started.

Anyhow…I installed the new updates yesterday and now I can’t play COD4 for longer than 3mins without getting kicked out:

Player kicked for windows api unknown error 131107.

I have been looking on the pb forums and ppl that uninstall CIS have the problem resolved.

As I said I haven’t been infected since I installed and so I am hoping someone has a solution.

I am using version 3.8.65951.477


(Oh sorry if this is in the wrong section).

i have same problem with online cod4/punkbuster with new CIS. Thats major bug and big mistake. You should definitly look at this soon. Even setting av/fw/d+ to disable wont work.

Unknown Windows API function error [131107]

I went back to version 3.5 and it works again.

thank you, i will try. (:LOV)

ok, works for me too, thx

I am getting the same problem after updating to the new update. On the punksbusted forums Stuart posted:

It seem that Comodo is doing far more than just firewalling. It appears to be injecting a dll and then hooking very important system functions inside the game process. In this case a function known to be used by cheaters.

(:AGY) i have the Same Problem… omg dn´t have played cod 4 last day… today i played Cod 4 and Punksbuster Kicked me with the same reason !

Unkown API Function (131107)

Hope Comode brings a Update soon to resolve this “damage”

I am also having this issue with Call of Duty 4 & punkbuster…

This is what a PunkBuster staff member had to say:

Try this as a fix:;msg254624#msg254624

Myself and another person replyed to that thread already… For me, if anything it made the errors more frequent.

I have also the same problem whit Comodo and PB. ???
I hope Comodo solve it by the next update.
I use the older version now it is the best alternative.