New update interfering with graphics driver

Since the latest update (3.5.54375.427) at times my graphics driver ceases to work (so Vista informs me), the screen starts to flash and then I get a BSOD. I am running Vista (32) with an ATI 3450 graphics card and the latest drivers. The system was completely stable prior to the Comodo update and the crashes are now occurring frequently so I am sure the Comodo update is the culprit.
Any suggestions? Can I roll back the installation? Any other way to fix this?

Try reinstalling the ATI driver use “installation mode” when done reboot if necessary. Then switch defense+ to “training mode” and go through the ATI control panel so that Comodo can learn how it operates also start some games in training mode. See if this helps.

I decided to go back to the pre-3.5 version since I just do not have the time to wrestle with this. That has resolved the issue. I hope this gets fixed in later releases so I can continue take the updates. This is going to affect plenty of others.

All things smooth here with the latest Catalyst 8.10 and an old 9500 Pro.

For further reference. When you want to fully uninstall a driver use Driver Cleaner or Driver Sweeper in Safe mode. That will get rid off all traces.