New update freezes mouse

I just installed the new update and it frooze my mouse, had to use a restore point to fix the problem.
Anyone else had this problem?


OMG… :o

That could explain a few things…I have recently re-installed windows and added another HDD, and as a consequence I d/l the new version of Comodo as well as other programs. I thought I was getting a conflict between my 2 drives, but if you are getting a frozen mouse from the update, maybe that’s where my problem is.

Can you still see the mouse highlighting up buttons, even though the actual mouse icon is frozen?

What windows version are you using? I don’t run into this on XP Pro SP3 at all.

I am using XP sp3

I would check to make sure your mouse driver is up-to-date then. I can’t think of anything else it could be.

I am running XP SP3

I tried the download again, this time with no problems.

The cruiser hour glass would go off and on but the cruiser would not move.

I don’t recommend updating drivers for the mouse unless it is a constant problem, not with just comodo.


You should alwasy keep your mouse driver up-to-date, as updates will fix things that could happen in the future with certain programs. Glad it is working fror you now, though.