New update for CIS available?


On thursday I updated to CIS v. 3.8.x.477. Right now my firewall checked for update (see screenshot) and told me, there is an update available. But on your official site and also forum there is no such information. I just wonder what can this mean. Can it be a bug? Thank you very much for your information.

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Are you running Vista and did you have v.439 or later when you updated?

Yes, I have Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 32x. I had the version 3.5.57173.439 and I made a fresh install of new version.


I can confirm the same notification without reason. Am using .477 with virdef 1008 on XP SP2,


If you have Vista and had .439 or older then it was normal to do two updates.
So you made a fresh install on the latest 3.8.x.477? Is everything working?

Yes, I made a fresh install (I always make it, just for sure :)) So far everything is working very well, but I observed a conflict with SpySweeper (in CIS v. 3.5.x was not this issue). The scan in SpySweeper take forever. Here is the link in forum (unfortunately is not placed in appropriate place):