New update and now memory dumps

Comodo has chosen to update itself yesterday and today I am getting blue screens of death and memory dumps during network operations (during boot, when Windows XP tries to activate the network connection or during other network operations like surfing). The BSD comes in a random way and I do not have enough time to read the screen before SWindows reboots. I have three questions:
1/ Are you havinf similar problems?
2/ Any idea about their correction?
3/ If not, how can I go back one version (the previous one was working correctly and now I have

Why do I think that the update of Comodo is the guilty operation? Because I have not changed anything else on my computer in the mean time and the problems seem to happen during network operations.

This is very painful and if you can help me I would very much appreciate.



FYI: I use Windows XP French SP2, Panda Anti-virus and spyware, ShadowProtect (I had boots during a backup with SP). I have just deactivated the firewall for testing (I am behind a router at home anyway) and for now everything seems to work. I will let it run the rest of the night, we will see if any problem happens…

You can stop auto-updates w/miscellaneous settings.
Had similar issue some time ago…had to do a system restore, export my settings, update again, then import settings after reboot. Did you try to restore to before the bsod’s? Curious.