New Update 4.1.150349.920

Yeah, I confirm I got a new update versiontoo…

Got it too.

Me too, but what’s new? :slight_smile:

Hello fellow Comodoites.I rerceived a notification via my tray icon saying an update was available to Cis.I cant seem to find anything in the forums at present, but assume it must be another fix/improvement.Does anyone have any idea what the updates about please.

Dave 1234.

Discussed here as well:

Me too

Waiting for change log

Got it here also.

It probably fixes some bugs.


One thing I noticed with this new version is a change to the monitoring of Windows events/hooks. In the previous version I had to untick this monitoring option in D+ in order to run the accessibility program ZoomText. I had never previously needed to do that, eitehr in v3.1 or v4.0. I am pleased to see that the latest version has fixed this issue so I can leave the monitoring of hooks enabled, improving security. ZoomText now runs without issues.

Great work Comodo, and much appreciated.


SandboxIE working fine again with this release :-TU

Recieved update too. Now version is 4.1.150349.920
Still not a word on official Release notes page at

it’s somehow now loads faster than the frist 4.1 :slight_smile: ;D

Based on the Bug Report forum, it’s a fix for the Win Hooks Start Menu bug in XP. Don’t know if the Win Hooks issue was affecting other versions, too.