New/Unknown process NGEN.EXE


I am using Windows 8 Pro X64 and the firewall ask for permission for ngen.exe what to do with this must i allow this or deny or is the an windows application permission. It can happen that malware tries to install but i am not afraid of that because since i use Comodo i have no more infections.

So mine question is what to do with ngen.exe. ???

First rule of thumb:
Never change a running system.

You can extract a valid security rule from that:
DONT allow connections just because they get asked. If all ran fine, all will run fine without allowing new things.

You might searchengine ngen.exe to get informations about the process, and if you need it at all.

Ngen.exe belongs to the DotNet Framework and it precompiles programs written in Dot Net. It is usually active after Windows update had one or more updates for Dot Net Framework. It is not something to worry about.