New "Ultima" game by Lord British

For those interested in role playing games, the programmer who created the Ulltima series (Richard Garriot, aka Lord British) is creating a new Ultima-like game called Shroud of the Avatar.

See this website for details:

For those not familiar with Ultima and Lord British:

  • Ultima is the longest running role playing game series (started in 1979, last release was 1999 - that’s 20 years my friends…with the latest release, it will be > 30 years!)
  • Lord British’s games have been some of the most interactive and groundbreaking games ever created.
  • Lord British created MMORPG’s with Ultima online.

If you like interactive role playing games, check out the website above. They are taking suggestions from the community to help improve game design. From the scope of what is planned, it sounds like another groundbreaking game.

I played Ultima for years and I’m looking forward to this. I’ve already pledged. :-TU

There"s been some pretty good coverage over are RPS:

shroud of the avatar: forsaken virtues


This definitely looks promising. :slight_smile:

Ultima was a great series. (I never did play Ultima Online though)

Rise of the RPG

Excellent history. Lord British was indeed a pioneer.
His latest project will likely set a new standard for RPG’s.