New UI, usability & behavior of new version is worse

After upgrading to the latest version I have more time than I like trying to figure out all the options. There are several issues:

  • No tooltips when hovering over icons. I have no idea what some of the icons do. The circle thingy icon goes to a web page. No idea that would have happened. The icon thingy that looks like someone with a headphone. Help? I click on it and nothing happens.

  • Block All option is one of the options I use the most. It’s now burried somewhere deep. It’s not available in the taskbar notification anymore BAD design decision.

  • The computer is more sluggish. Programs launch slower. Odd behavior happening. For example desktop background color changes or flashes for no reason. This is right after I installed Comodo.

Two thumbs down. I think I am switching to another security app.

I do not believe this is intended or expected behavior, I am getting tooltips when hovering over icons. And the fact that nothing happens when you click the one icon tells me something might be wrong with your installation.

Right-click the CIS tray icon and click “Advanced View”, the “Block all” option should now be back to the Firewall tray icon options.

I’m not sure about this one, there might be an issue with your installation of CIS, I’d recommend following Chiron’s guide of re-installing CIS and if that doesn’t help then please make a bug report.

I hope that helps.