New to wireless need help

I’m new to wireless networking so if i sound stupid just deal with it.

I was setting up a wireless network and the software I’m using (Network Magic) tells me I need to “enable sharing on my network, by setting my firewall (yes I’m using Comodo) to trust local traffic on my network” anyone know how to do this and is it safe?

Go to firewall/common tasks/stealth port wizard and select the option to define a trusted network. If you already have the network defined in Comodo, you can just trust it. Otherwise follow the instructions. Wireless networks work pretty much the same as wired networks, but the ethernet links come over radio. And it is safe if you trust the other computers on your network.

I knew that much when i said i was new i meant to setting up a wireless network not to networking in general. also this is my first Router i have used network hubs and switches before (on wired networks).
Oh by the way it took me about 30min or so to find the stealth port wizard i was just wondering if it made it any easer to hack?

Nope, You are secured :slight_smile:


i have Changed from linksys to belkin wireless network router(linksys broke!) - and now my ineternet will not work unless i use LAN and wireless is shjowing as high strength and connected but will just not connect to a webpage… I read on here, that comodo may have blocked the ip address or sumthing. not being an expert i uninstalled comodo to check and still it wont work!!! :frowning:

help guys, PLEASE cos i wanna put comodo back on eventually, but just need help with the in between thingies!!!