new to the program :)

Hey all I’m brand new to CAVS and have been reading on here for a good week now just trying to educate myself about virus scanners and firewalls. The only thing people seem to agree on throughout the forums is that I need one or both.

About two days ago I switched from AVG Free in an effort to find the best virus scanner out there, this seems to be it. What’s the difference between the On Access and On Demand scanners?

I was going to ask a question about spyware but it seems those definitions get better and better each day :slight_smile:

I was also going to beg someone for the release dates for 2.0 (I think that’s it) but that wish seems to have been answered this morning to.

My last question is about real time spyware detection. I had been using Spyware Guard but after reading through here found out that something conflicted with something else. In response to that, I downloaded Spyware Terminator to replace Spyware Guard. That seems to have a real time scanner in it. However, it also has Clam Anti Virus in it. I read somewhere that one shouldn’t have two anti virus scanners in place, especially since Clam ANtiVirus seems to protect real time like CAVS.

Should I uninstall the Clam AV portion of Spyware Terminator? Is there a better real time spyware prevention tool similar to Spyware Guard.

I also use Spybot S&D but their Tea Timer tool doesn’t want to work right on my machine (only half the window pops up) so I disabled it. Along with Spybot I use Ad-Aware Personal and Zone Alarm free on my computer (soon to be the comodo firewall as soon as I get a minute :slight_smile: )

Thanks for all your help in advance! I look forward to becoming a bigger part of this place as I learn more.


Hi and welcome,

On demand is where you start the scan On access is the automatic scanning of files opened, etc.

It is never a good idea to have more than one AV as the following may happen:

  1. AV1 detect a file opened and scans;
  2. AV2 also scans the file and detects the AV1 scanning the file so scans that as well;
  3. AV1 then detects AV2 scanner and scans that;
  4. So the scanning goes on until it locks up and usually crashes the computer.

So yes, if possible, you will need to remove Clam AV if you want to use CAVS.

Windows Defender (beta) is a good antispyware although some may find it high in resource useage.

CAVS’s definition are being added to fast including antispyware. There are some nice new features coming also from CAVS 2.0 (released September 18th, with a beta two weeks before).

Hope this helps welcome to the forums,

Thanks for the kind welcome, I actually uninstalled all of Spyware Terminator after reading a report of it’s past and how the company was actually involved in distributing spyware or something. I didn’t want to take a chance.

Besides windows defender, can anyone recommend any other free real time spyware monitors that work well?

Also, this new virus scanner works like a dream.



Hi psych1610 and welcome to the forums,

Have you tried Spyware Blaster from Javacool? It is one of the most reputable spyware busting software around, though I have not used it before (I have too many security software around already).

Yours truly,

Hi Dave your welcome,

Spyware Blaster (which DoomScythe metioned) does not need to be running at all. You just need to manually update it and enable the protection and it will alter IE and FireFox settings to protect against the spyware threats. It does not have an automatic updater unless you purchase it, but it is easy to keep updated.

Hope this helps your decision,

Thanks for all the helpful information. I have had spyware blaster installed for awhile and it seems to be holding it’s own fairly well. I think I’m all set then.

Somehow I think between the Comodo firewall, virus protection, spybot s&d, adaware, and the spyware blaster I should be pretty well protected, possibly even over done, although something tells me it’s kind of hard to overdo protection.

If anyone has anything else that’s useful and works well I’d love to hear about it as I have no idea what may happen in the future on my lap top (it seems prone to problems, just like me ;)).


Hi Dave,

With your list of security programs, I think your computer would be pretty good against malware. All you have to do is to take precaution when surfing. With that, I think you will be pretty good already.

Try checking out this thread:,1639.msg11988.html#msg11988

I don’t know what is your proficiency in using a PC, but if you are comfortable with checking running processes, then you can try Process Explorer or Security Task Manager. Although they are not security softwares, they are very useful in hunting down trojan and viruses.

Yours truly,