New to routers

I decided to purchase a router (Netgear WGR614v7). I hope I got a good one. Tried to get good info on the internet, but there were good and bad responses about all routers. I know Netgear is a major brand. I am not having any problems. This is a new area for me and will be learning about them. The one thing in my favor is that right now I have one computer on the network (wired). I have turned off the wi-fi for now. Don’t need it. I have already turned off SSID broadcasting and UPnP. I also changed the default password and SSID. I also enabled the encryption (don’t remember what setting - WPA2 something)

CIS now has a Local Area Network #1 in my Zone. I know this is normal It also still has a LoopBack zones. I know this is normal as well. When I get more comfortable with Routers, I may decide to get rid of CIS. I know that some of you will tell me not to, but the router is a firewall and I can use Windows firewall for extra protection. I realize that I will lose outbound protection, but not sure if it reall is a bad thing (since we allow most programs to go out). I have not made up my mind. I think it will depend on my comfort level how well I ket to know how to use a router effectiely and properly. There is one area i am confused about on a router (DHCP lease). What is this and what is it for? It says it willexpire in 3 days. What will happen when it expires? There is also a Renew button. Does this mean I will have to go in the router settings and renew it? What happens if I forget?

A virus I had months ago was only detected due to its (blocked and logged) outgoing attempts (CIS the blocking firewall).
Keep your software firewall for that added protection (you won’t regret it).

You should be fine.

These should help you understand DHCP leases.

I have a followup question.

Comodo ask for permission for a program (System)

Something about UDP. I believe it was outgoing. I gave it permission and told it to remember. Did I do the right thing? As a test, I deleted the entry in the program control so that it would ask again. This time, I said no. I don’t see a difference. I can still access the net no matter whay my anser is.

What is this and what are the advantages/ disadvantages of allowind and disallowing? I can get Comodo to ask me when I visit I figured it has something to do with java. I have already given permission for Comodo to allow java to access the internet.

Btw, Sorry I posted the original message in the wrong forum. I did not see the Firewall group and I knew that it was not a CIS question. Thanks for the help. Also, I only have one pc one the networl (wired).

System is a windows program and it is being used for connections in a local area network (netbios) so it connects to your router and your router send the bytes to other pc’s in your network… it is not harmful to allow system.

I need some help about the function " STEALTH PORTS WIZARD". When I choose " BLOCK ALL INCOMING STEALTH MY PORTS TO EVERYONE" ,and I receive the ok answer from comodo, but when I go and check it again I realize that the option(the third one), didn’t applied. It remains in the first option.
I would appreciate if someone could help me about this. I am a new member of this forum and I don’t have much experience how it works.

If you applied and received the ok. You are done.
When you go back to that wizard window it isn’t showing you the state.
It is just where the radio button starts out highlighted.



I appreciate your help. I will try it again and figure out by myself what you told me.