New to CPF questions

I am new to CPF and am trying not to go crazy getting it setup. I have been using ZoneAlarm for years but Comodo seems to have a lot more going for it. But, a few questions.
I’ve watched the tutorial … Do I need to set up a “Home LAN” if I’m just one computer accessing the internet through a router and DSL? Is there a way to turn off the firewall temporarily if I need to acess the internet to get help? Anything extra I need to do after uninstalling ZoneAlarm?
When a popup says “…is trying to act as a server” should I allow? (My first instinct is no)
Sorry for all the questions but I really want this to work!

I’ve created it and set it up as trusted for torrent purpose but I’m not 100% sure that you have to do it. I think it’s enough if you set up your detected zone as trusted and make rules you need.

You should know your programs you trust. Some programs need to act as a server and need to have access, so if you say “no” they just simply won’t work. If you know for sure that the program doesn’t need to act as a server then you should choose “no”.

Just click on Exit and after Start it again but I wouldn’t do it. Set it up correctly and you can access any site.

Yes you have. But if you are behind wifi-lan modify the created rules and instead of “zone …” put the internal IP of your router.

How to Protect your wifi-Lan,361.0.html

I think what I have recently written in another post applies here; so allow me to pretend I am not plagiarizing myself by quoting myself here. ;D

I think I made my laziness obvious :smiley: