New to Comodo

Hey, I’ve just downloaded the Comodo firewall, and ever since, it has asked me about a hundred times whether to block or allow certain programs. This is normal of course, except that I don’t know what all these programs do so I block them all to be safe. Except that I don’t want to be blocking updates (especially anti-virus ones) and other important things. How do I know what to do with all thesde messages ? Is there some kind of less customised way to run Comodo, something more self-running ?

If you not sure just use “outgoing only”. It will be fine.

This is a possible bad advice.

Use stealth port wizard setting 3, hide me from everyone. Then use the things that you want to use. If they need and should have internet connection, choose “outgoing only”, or make more specific rules.
But allready with this approach, you are protected against unrequested ingoing, and you reduce the connections to the necessary.
Ask yourself, does this program need connection, do i want it to have connection?
Make choices.
Click “remember my answer” when you dont want to be asked again for the same.

You said the same thing apart from few things LOL! He is new to Comodo he has no idea what you on about.

I guess with FW he has D+ enabled too

So I think the easy step for him would be just right click the tray icon & choose internet security config.

You should read and follow Chirons guide…

As clockwork said, setting the FW to the 3rd option in the “Stealth Ports Wizard” will hide you from the outside world.