New to Comodo - Very confused

I’ve very recently downloaded and installed Comodo’s free firewall v3, as recommened on the spybot forums, but I don’t understand the system.

As soon as the computer was restarted I got loads of warnings that I didn’t know what to do about and in the summery page I have Defense+ having blocked 335 suspicious files so far, and the number keeps rising! It said it’s detected 2 instrusion attempts so far and there are 24 files waiting for my review.

I’ve been through the Spybot forums with a Security Expert who guided me through removing the spyware that was on the computer and they said it was now clean and I should get Comodo as I only had an XP Firewall, but now I’ve run Comodo’s firewall it’s telling me that things are going seriously wrong.

How can there be so many suspicious files???

There are not spyware. First of all you have balloon tips on the bottom of your screen that can be disabled by right clicking on your taskbar icon and disabling the balloon tips. Also you have D+ in clean pc mode so you will get pending files. You need to read all the stick notes under important topics so you understand whats going on before you post.Look at your D+ log and see if there is anything accessing memory.

Okay precious lets take this one step at a time and see if we can get you sorted.

First off could you please look at your Defence+ and Firewall Logs and post a few of the entries(or screenshot if poss)
From the main Interface select Defence+/Common Tasks/View Defence+ Events now click More and in the top left you can now highlight your Firewall Logs as well.
Is your computer behind a Router?
Please give us as much information as you can and you will find most people will try and help


ps do not think any question you ask is wrong the only daft question is the one not asked :-TU