New to Comodo [Resolved]

Hey Guys,
Had to troubleshoot a bad IE plugin recently and turned off the flash in IE manage plugins/addons.

Now either peeps got that flash disabled in IE or its a broken applet to be reloaded. Killed a load or viruses is what started this and IE wldnt load. Had to run sysinternals and DLL Walker to see in load chain that files were missing from IE (nuked by kaspersky at scan during infection).

Resultantly installing IE7 on broke IE6 helped not. Uninstalling IE7 and running HijaakThis allowed me the chance to shine and accidentally delete a couple Win authentication files, breaking the SAM and making my system not very useful. Winternals Admin Pack pro boot disk alllowed me to revert to a autosaved config from the night before (mustof installed something to prompt the autosave) and this fixed the SAM/login stuff so I could authenticate locally AND replaced the missing IE files !!??!

Alas ticking back on all the IE disabled addons did fix flash (nomo white screen for content) but still some addons musta got stomped or registry gunged up. Cant attach .DOC in Yahoomail after enabling Office addon…

Didnt answer much but I wasnt aborted either so here it is.

Sometimes its just better to reload the beast. Probably nows a good time.

Oh, on CPF — none of the ■■■■ features will fireup - cant select learn or start radio buttons to enable the 4 main features… ???

Thanx, MnemoniX



I’ve managed to get my LAN operating with Internet Connection Sharing by reading through the advice here but there is one problem I do not cee covered.

In eMule additional access to file shares is available on the KAD network. I have always been able to access this resource with an open connection but when using Comodo the connection is firewalled (by eMule). I suspect this is because I see no connections from other users to my shared files.

The regular connection to emule seems to be ok (although I have not downloaded anything while using Comodo) so I am wondering if a kind guru here could direct me to complete the rules for KAD connections. I have already set up the TCP and UDP rules.



Hi Gadfly and welcome at the forums (:WAV)

have you read this guide?,411.0.html

have you read this guide?,411.0.html

Obviously not carefully enough! (:NRD)

The solution was simply re-ordering the rules to place them before the “block” rule. All was well once I did that.

Thank you