New to Comodo...Monitors Are Off [resolved]

Hi Everyone…

Since Sygate has gone the way of the dodo…it was high time to get us a new firewall. Comodo was highly recommended!!

So, I’ve downloaded and installed it on all four of our machines…and so far, on three of them…it’s working great though those machines don’t typically run 24/7 like our main one does.

However, on our main machine…for some reason, the firewall just shuts down. I get the three window popup telling me that all the monitors are off and that reinstalling is the solution. I’ve done this once already…and it’s happening again. I cannot find anywhere in the program (haven’t delved into it too far) to restart the options…they are grayed out.

Main machine specs:

OS - WinXP SP2 (fully updated)
VIA KT880 chipset Soyo Dragon 2 v2 mobo
AMD Athlon XP 3000+
2GB Corsair XMS PC3200
Seagate HD’s 160/250
Nvidia (eVGA) 6800GS
Audigy X-Fi

I’d love to continue using this firewall…are there any solutions?

Please forgive me if this has been answered in a previous thread.

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Try uninstalling It And do a clean up of Comodo… Then do a reinstall of the latest version.

See if that resolves it!

Lots of causes, such as you installed CFP on a different drive/path than the default.

Most recent related link:,7186.0.html

Thanks for the updated info!!

After removing Sygate…I ran thru the registry and cleaned up all remaining entries as well as cleaning up leftover folders.

As far as any other active programs, none exist. If I do happen to need Ad/Spyware removal tools…I run them as needed.

I am using the latest version…though a restart this time seemed to “temporarily” fix the issue instead of having to reinstall it.

I really like this firewall…no worries, I’m also spreading the word around. (:KWL)

“temporarily”? For how long and in what capacity? :slight_smile: Did the monitors just suddenly died or did some event trigger it?

Since I am still getting my feet wet with the firewalls UI…I cannot say if any event triggered the shutoff. The first time it happened out of the blue, the other after a fresh start of the system. So far…there hasn’t been any repeats and the firewall is running fine on all the systems I’ve installed it to.

I’ll change this to Resolved for now…however, if I do find out what caused the issue, I’ll be sure to forward the information.

I do appreciate the responses in kind.

Since you are unsure of what caused it, I don’t think it’s officially resolved yet. I’ll keep it open in case someone has related info to share.

Much appreciated, Soya.

Only thing I know…is it happened after a system restart. Hasn’t happened since…even after several other updates to other apps and restarts. If there’s something in a log somewhere you need, lemme know where I can find it, and I’ll post back the info.

There won’t be any info in the CFP log, but there might in the Windows log. Enter this in the run command menu to open the Event Viewer: eventvwr.msc

Ok…finally, it’s happening again. Apparently for no reason I can find. Only solution so far…restart, or uninstall/reinstall.

Here’s the only active screens I have.

First…I get the notice:

Then…this is what the main window shows. Says the application is active…but Off. Nowhere in any settings can I turn anything back on…or it’s all greyed out.

No substantial information in the Event Viewer.

What antivirus are you running. I used to use AOL AVS and it would cause CFP to do just that. I went back to CAVS and it stopped. Haven’t had any trouble since the switch. I guessed that CFP and AVS were fighting for control of something and AVS was stopping CFP from running a process.

It would not happen all of the time either. When it did though it affected the whole machine and everything would just quit. Would have to restart to fix it.


When the monitors are off, it could mean the CFP driver (cmdmon.sys) is disabled or isn’t running. Also check Windows Services to see if Comodo Application Agent is on. So if you exit CFP and restart it, it’ll work again?

I barely have other running programs and even I experienced this before, but luckily only once or twice. Can’t remember exactly, but it was after rebooting from installing a Windows Update patch.

Comodo services is up and running…odd, though you cannot stop it or restart the service.

I don’t use AV software…

I wouldn’t be surprised if a Windows update had anything to do with it.

Firewall’s in good shape…just have to reboot when this happens.

Thanks for the info everyone!

Good work. Contact/report to a mod/admin if this problem returns so that we can open the thread and/or file a ticket and link them here.