New to Comodo Firewall

Hey guys,

I’m new to comodo firewall and wishing to download it to my new computer. I saw that it was the top firewall out there even more than the paid version of other vendors. Can you tell me the best setting for comodo? Also i don’t get which one to download, it keep saying: Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 - Latest and greatest version of this superb firewall(than the download 32 bit or 64bit) then it says: What’s New in CFP then another download… I’m guessing your just suppose to download the first one and only if you already have comodo you download the second one for upgrade? Anyways thanks.

download the CFP its the latest version. as for settings, there are many.

What first one. It depends on your OS. 64 or 32. The best settings are to just leave it where it installs at. Default values. The firewall is at train with safe mode and D+ is in clean pc mode. There is a great help file system that comes with Comodo.