New to Comodo Firewall

Hi All,

Just recently installed this ‘new’ firewall after reading “Gizmo’s” Tech support newsletter giving it his endorsement.

I used to use ZA (free) and was getting heaps of pop ups etc. Plus the recent leak test report on ZA (free) was not encouraging.

Since I have been using Comodo I have had very few pop ups yet was warned that I may get a few, but I seem to be getting less than when I used ZA?. I have it on medium security as when I used highest, I did receive literally ‘hundreds’ wanting to approve each and every packet!!.

Question 1: I gotta be truthful and am feeling a little uneasy now I don’t get so many pop up’s asking permission…is this now normal?. I have approved a few ‘permanently’ like firefox, AVG, Spyware Guard, Avast and Supranti-spyware as I know they are safe.

Question 2: Also, when I commenced the set-up for comodo it asked me to input my e-mail etc. I did this and thought I would be e-mailed a license key but have had no reply?. Do I need a license key or will this product continue to function normally without it?. I have had no pop up’s asking from me to input a license key like many other products as yet.

Overall this product so far has impressed me with it’s interface and features. It is tempting me to change to the AV offered by comodo. Great work.

Thanks for listening.

The reason you will not get many alerts popping up is that the default setting is for the firewall not to alert for applications certified by Comodo. If you go to the advanced section and click on miscellaneous you can untick the box ‘Do not show alerts for applications certifed by comodo.’ If you do this you will get plenty of alerts.
I think you are well protected if the firewall is installed with default settings: it will protect without giving too many warnings.

The latest CAVS antivirus beta is very good and well worth a try if you are happy testing a beta product. I would not recommend version1.1. If you decide to try the latest beta please read as many posts in the beta section as you can first - there is some good advice there and you will be better prepared for any problems (you are unlikely to get problems but it is a beta so you never know).


Thanks Anderow for your info about alerts.

Any response as to why I do not have to put in a registration license key or is that now no longer needed with the pro edition?.

Thanks again

On the main view for the firewall near the top left it should say ‘Subscription Validity: Lifetime.’

If it says this the you are ok.