New to COMODO Firewall... need help

I installed COMODO firewall and have pretty much been able to figure out the warnings and how to respond. There is one though that I’m not sure about. I get it as soon as I start my computer (everytime) and then at various times when it’s been started for awhile. I haven’t been allowing it although it might be harmless. I just can’t figure out what program it’s comming from.
It says “Generic Host process for Win32 Services is trying to act as server”
Application: svchost.exe
Parent: services.exe


The alert means that svchost.exe(in this case, the DHCP service) is trying to access the Internet thru port 67 and 68.
The DHCP service is responsible for obtaining and updating your IP-adress, you you’re strongly recommended to allow it, as there might be problem with your connection if you don’t.
Also, for your information, port 53 is for DNS and port 123 for time synchronization.
Usually it will never use any other port.

Hope this answered your question.