New to comodo: few queries...


I’m new to comodo firewall, and wondering about few things, as stated bellow:

#1) As I’m not always stay on-line, so is there any way to stop/disable comodo service (cmdAgent) when I’m off-line;

– I already set the startup up type of the service as “Manual” , so I can only load it when I need it.
– I can terminate the service from “Process Explorer”, but wondering is there any better way…

#2)What is “Windows Operating System” , firewall log shows hundred of entries about it blocked, anything I should/can do about it?

#3) I’ve never set any firewall rules before, so just confused about the rules regarding the big “svchost.exe”, after reading another thread about it in this forum, I’ve now set it as follows :

Allow UDP from to when SP is 68 and DP is 67
Block and log IP In/Out from Ip Any to Ip Any where protocol is Any

– I hope this is alright?

Thanks for any suggestions…

So I guess it’s not possible … :frowning:

Any thought on Windows Operating System entries … ???

  1. You can’t. Luckily cmdagent is very low on memory use.

2)WOS is a pseudo process like System idlr process in Task Manager. When the CIS logs say it was caught by WOS it means no program was listening; so it got stopped by WOS.

  1. That rule allow svchost to broadcast for an IP using bootstrap protocol. Most network will use DHCP boot some network use bootstrap (bootstrap older than and a predecessor of DHCP). When your situation works without the rule you can leave it out of the svchost rule.

Thank you for responding, and specially explaining WOS to me. :-TU

Of-course it will be great to able shut-down cmdAgent, but you are right, it doesn’t take much memory, so I think, I can live with it atm. :SMLR