new to comodo - but somewhat confused

I have recently installed the free version of Comodo, and am very impressed (the flie downloaded was cispremium_installer_6100_08.exe)
from that title it is the Premium version?

what is bothering me is does this include a full antivirus module?
I have done some scans with it, and all I get in ‘action’ is trusted not trusted etc but no option to remove any file.

for the free version the website says “Prevention-based technology stops viruses” so hopefully I will never get any?
the paid version includes tech help (which I am not seeking) but also says “Removes existing viruses instantly”

I do not find that at all clear, and to my mind there are two ways of looking at this:

  1. only the paid version includes a full anti virus (quite understandable), and the free one has only a virus blocker.
  2. if so, why then would the paid version (with it’s virus removal option) be needed anyway if the free version stops the virus’s in the first place?

I find the firewall to be very impressive, but would like to know if I would need a antivirus program to support it?
I’m mot being penny-pinching here in that I have not purchased the full suite as I have only a small State Pension

The Free version of CIS provides exactly as much protection as do the paid versions. The AV is just as effective, both at detecting and removing malware.

The differences are in the support you get. As you noted, the paid version has help with technical issues. One of these is the manual removal of any malware you have by their technicians. However, CIS itself is still just as effective for the paid and free versions.

I hope this answers your question. If not please feel free to ask any clarifying questions you like.


Hi and welcome carkev,
Just to add to Chiron’s reply.
If you did happen to be unfortunate enough to get/have malware on the system you can install/run ‘Comodo Cleaning Essentials’ from within ‘Comodo Internet Security’ (Free).
Remove Deeply Hidden Malware-Comodo Help

Kind regards.