New to commodo firewall, how much is to many inbound and output connections?

I have ESET and malawarebytes and i have no viruses nor malware but my inbound connections seem kinda weird. They start at 13 and they go up to 30-40’s. I took screen shows of the inbound connections. And on my traffic, the highest % is Svchost.exe and utorrent. The only intrusion that is blocked is explorer.exe for some reason, is that normal?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Looking at the images you’ve posted there’s nothing ‘odd’ about any of the connections, that I can see. However, without more detailed information, it’s difficult to say why the traffic indicator is suggesting svchost is utilising more bandwidth.

In the initial image svchost is connected to Microsoft, was this during an update?

Hi Timbalin, welcome to the forums.

I would say that inbound connections of up to 40 are actually fairly low whilst running torrents… unless uTorrent is not doing much. I cannot tell anything about the traffic of uTorrent vs SVCHost or the explorer.exe block with what you have posted.

You have uTorrent running and most connections you see are for uTorrent and they are a moderate amount. Nothing to worry about when you are not experiencing slowdowns in browsing or other internet activities.

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