New to CIS 4.0

I got a laptop for Xmas. I just installed CIS 4.0 on it. I used a router so I did not bother to install a software firewall. I decided to install one today to monitor outgoing traffic. My router is blocking incoming. I know it is probably overkill to use software and hardware routers. I want my system as protected as possible. Also, I figured that CIS will protect me in places where I have no control over the network (public hot spots and friend’s house). Will it?

I only installed the Firewall and Defense+ components. I use MSE for AV; and have Spybot S&D and Malwarebytes Anti-malware installed. I think I am well protected.

I used 3.9x on a previous system. I am trying to find the buffer overrun feature. Is it still included in 4.0? Also, I noticed that TrustConnect was one component I could install in 4.0. This was a pay feature. Is it now free. Thanks. Hope I like 4.0 as much as 3.9.

Update…I fount the Buffer Overrun setting. I noticed that LiveSupport was installed. I thought this was for the Pro version. I only want the free version. I know I got the free version. The install file I downloaded said Free and in the about section it says Free. What is going on here? I have not been keeping up with Comodo lately

I am wondering if 4.0 was released prematurely from all the postings on the forum. Please get me caught up. I don’t want to read all the messages. I read that Sandbox feature does not work. Is this true or has it been fixed. I am using the latest version as of 3-7-2010.

My OS is Vista Home Basic

The Live Support is installed so you can take a 30 day trial period. You can uninstall it if you like; it won’t interfere with using CIS.

The sandbox does not work in the fashion as part of the users had expected. They had expected a more extensive instrument with more default protection than it is now and have been very vocal about making broad and sweeping statements.

The sandbox works fine but is not a SandboxIE clone; that’s the low down.