New To CFP: Shutdown Problem


After being with McAfee for 15 months (a lazy option because it was free with the Dell) I decided to go for CFP (Version 3). Thanks, to those who did the ‘Noob’ install video guide I have managed a very smooth installation. And CFP is working well. I am pleased.

There is a problem though: on shutdown or log off my Windows XP (SP2) system hangs up at windows is 'saving your settings’ - and doesn’t proceed to the windows is shutting down stage. I have to force the system to close (as suggested by Dell, by keeping the start/stop button pressed).

Uninstalling CFP resolves the problem. As soon as I reinstall CFP, the problem is there again.

Is someone able to help? I would be pleased to have this issue resolved - because I genuinely like the Comodo firewall and feel good about having it.

With thanks, discs

Welcome to the forum, discs.

It’s version 2.4. If you look in the About screen 3.0 is the database version.

There have other reported cases of this, but there was never a clear cause because it only affects some users. Only a few seconds of delay should be expected. Here’s one of the threads:,6143.0.html

When you installed CFP did you disable the other programs to ensure a clean installation? Safe mode is the easiest way.

Thanks Soya, for the welcome, and the link.

To clarify: the Windows XP shutdown ‘saving your settings’ stage isn’t simply lengthened, it is persistent (I have given it 25 minutes! and it still doesn’t move on to the ‘windows is shutting down’ stage)

For future reference for those few affected by this problem:

  • User Profile Hive Cleanup Service (UPHclean) does not handle it
  • Installing CFP in safe mode doen’t work to prevent it either (I uninstalled and reinstalled in safe mode)

So since the previous guy (seadog) with this problem didn’t find a solution I guess I will have to settle for the fact that there isn’t one for now. But I do like the software, so I guess I will give it a couple of days to see whether a solution comes through here before exploring an alternative firewall. It will also give me a little time to explore and ponder it myself.

Thanks, again, for your reply. Atleast, I have a clearer sense of where things stand.