New theme???

Where is it?It was announced in the changelog of the final version?So, where is it?I don’t have it.

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Old themes looks fine here.

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Same as bequick when I had v4 installed.

BTW bequick that is the new theme. Install version 3 to see old theme if you want. I’m having to run v3 as v4 kills xbox 360 connectivity.

burebista, where did all those themes come from?

From here. :wink:

So so sweet. Thanks buddy!! :smiley:

My contribution to a new theme…I didn’t make it, just pulled it out of my Theme Folder.

Can someone upload the old Comodo Red Theme please.

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How do i create my own theme?
I have searched on the site but only found old methods.

If you know how to create those Windows themes (files with .msstyles extension), you can rename them as .theme extension. But since CIS doesn’t use all those properties, I’m sure there’s less work to be done. My guess is that when CIS v5 comes out, Comodo will create a skinning tool like they partially did with v3

I don’t know how to create the “windows themes”. So do anyone have a good program too use for this thing?

First result:

I haven’t looked into these; just linking some links I think are relevant

I have looked at it, but found StyleBuilder to be the best, but can only find it on malware sites.
I have searched for other good msstyle builders, but only with the result of malware sites.

New theme I don’t like it.

Old one is better I feel.

Oh, splash screen is cool.


Where can I download a new theme??
I tried to find it from the forum but I only download an outdated one.

Does anyone knows?


I’m perfectly satisfied with the red theme. I think it’s much better than the old v3 one. There was a blue theme for v4 posted in a thread here back when v4 had just gone into beta. It was pretty nice but now I can’t find that thread.

was it this?

Credit to mindlessmissy

Nope.That’s the standard red theme.

Credit to [url=]mindlessmissy[/url]

It’s blue on my computer 88)

yes, it’s blue see screen shot, EricJH. You have to select the other red theme because name of theme is the same as default red.
theme is blue but name is red.

However, is it a good theme? I don’t think so…

I prefer comodo default red theme fare little better than this.

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I stand corrected. It turned out that the client needed to be restarted to take effect and that both the standard and the new theme had the same name. Why are things never simple…?;D :wink:

The only problem is that if you have that blue theme active, you are unable to switch back to the red one without deleting the blue one from the themes folder. Probably because they have the same name in the themes list. I tried to find out how to edit that but I had no luck.

That’s easy. Just rename the theme files. They can be anything you want.