New tests from Matousec (performance)

From my RSS client:

We have implemented three new tests and added them to Security Software Testing Suite (SSTS) and also to Firewall Challenge (FWC). There are two new performance tests, PerfTCP and PerfUDP, that measure the impacts of using personal firewall on the network performance. The last new test is called SockSnif and it tests the protection against unwanted packet sniffing. Firewall Challenge now contains 73 tests.

In past few weeks, we have focused on implementation of new tests. In upcoming weeks, we will focus more on testing again.

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Note: Can’t test TCP and UDP performance (unavailable another machine on LAN right now), socket sniff says I passed test…

very nice … i can’t wait for performance test results …

Nice tests ! Performance is Awesome. Can run Comodo 3 full blown with Avira (etc…) without ‘showstoppers’ . :slight_smile:
the onlt thing I notice is that packet checksum verif. seems to slow down connection a bit.

i turned on the packet checksum verif to see if how it goes, will see if i have issues with speed transfert on LAN and WAN.
i didnt turned on the last option that can monitor other drivers that could create their own protocole.
i see it can affect the performances too. anyone uses it?

i’m testing lan speed, i lost a little speed transfert, had a 11MB/S and now it’s more 10MB/S.