new test

i just ran the test on the info sent by comodo i have comodo installed and i got this
Comodo Firewall Pro: Parent Injection Leak Test
Your firewall didn’t pass the test and transmitted information to our website.
You typed:
This time it was useless information - next time it could be your credit card number or other sensitive data being passed to a hacker.

Comodo Firewall Pro is the only firewall to pass all three Comodo Parent Injection Leak Tests with its default settings.

i am asuming as i can not see what i typed comodo worked and this page is incorrect O0

Which version of CPF are you running? Is your Network Policy set to “Safe Mode”? What level have you set Defense+ to? IT should be Clean PC Mode or Safe Mode.
If your running CIS - Under the miscellaneous tab there is a button called “My Configuration” See that its’ set to “Proactive Security”.

Can you specify which site you are going to? Which tests are you running and have you clicked “allow” or “block” for the popups.


this is the site sent to me by comodo in email
firewall is in safemode as is defence
comodo ver 38.65951.477

I tried the test and allowed the tester step by step. It opened Opera 10 browser for the second test and IE 8 on the third. But in both cases there was no text displayed. I am on Win 7 beta.

Just try

I’ll have a go at the tests.

Did you get any Comodo popups??? Did you select “Block” for each???


Out of curiosity I allowed on a per case basis. The site should show whatever text that was put in the input box. It doesn’t show.

The url holds the word Testing that I used in the test: . Apparently the site is not functioning correctly.

@nrmski. The fact that a browser gets started show that the CIS was bypassed. Are you in the default mode (Internet Security)? What did you answer to to the pop ups?