New Tab don't show pages...

When I open a ‘new tab’, more visited pages aren’t displayed. All 8 rectangles are completely empty, no link or image.
60.0.3112.115 spanish; Win7U SP1 64x.

Forget it. It was fixed after writing this. I messed with some extentions and restarted, then… Cha da! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi yomaus, thank you very much for reporting this issue!

The issues are actually caused by a flag that Google recommended to be turned on for a better security against CPU Speculative Execution Attack Methods (“Spectre”). You can turn this feature off by writing into a new tab of Comodo Dragon the webpage: chrome://flags, after this search for the “Turn Off Strict Site Isolation feature” and click on Enable and then restart the browser. This will also correct an issue with missing webpage thumbnails in the new tab page.

The Comodo Dragon Team.