New System Tray Icon Right-Click Options???

Hello to all,

I am new here, so please don’t yell at me too loud if this posting is in the wrong place.

I have a few Suggestions or Ideas that may improve Comodo Firewall Pro:

New System Tray Icon Right-Click Options:

1.) Add: “Scan My System for Malware”

2.) Add: “Check for Updates”

Also, you could create a desktop shortcut for each as well.

Just a thought, it would save on a few clicks!



My setup:

Windows XP Home SP2 - fully updated
Internet Explorer 7
Mozilla Firefox
Intel Pent Dual-Core 2160 @ 1.80 GHz
350 GB Hard Drive - 1.0 GB Ram

All are latest versions and fully updated:

Comodo Firewall Pro
Ad-Aware 2007 v7.0.2.6
AVG Antivirus 7.5.516
Spyware Terminator 2.1
Windows Defender
SpywareBlaster v3.5.1
Spybot S&D

(R) (CLY) (B) (J) (L) (:LOV) :BNC :■■■■ (:KWL) (:CLP)


I think you’ll be able to customize the menu for CFP 3 in the future release of the skinning tool. Maybe.

For the “Scan My System for Malware”, I don’t agree. CFP 3 doesn’t scan for viruses. It checks for malicious behaviour/code, and might therefore flag innocent files.
Remember; CFP3 is a HIPS not a anti-virus (theoretically, it is, but it doesn’t scan for viruses).

My bad, I had an earlier version of CFP 3, so it wasn’t there for me.


I’d like “Check for updates”, but I want more, like “CFP in the Web”, “Browse Comodo Forum”, “Firewall/Defense+ Log Viewer”, “Help”, “About”, “Stop All Activities”, “Installation Mode” and “Game Mode”, wich will put Firewall and Defense+ in “Training Mode” for a choosen time. Why not? :THNK