New system problem ?

After CIS installed, another program crashes (without any linked problem with CIS).
Partition C: (OpSys) was formated and a image of it was restored (With Acronis True Image).
The C: partition is Primary/Active - ok with that.
All the rest of partitions (Logical) becomes invisible - the space is reported as unformated.
Can’t be seen with any partitioner or Windows Disk Manager.
It is possible that the partitions are encripted by CIS ? - and invisible for other programs ?
Can a reinstallation of CIS resolve this problem ? (before crash Windows have seen all the partitions).
In the restored image, CIS was not installed yet.
If have a clue, please post it. (I need to recover the rest of data from the rest of partitions asap).


The partition table has probably been corrupted after you formatted C and restored. You can try to recover you other partitions by assigning them new letters. You can also use a tool to recover your partitions such as EaseUS Partition Recovery - Easy Partition Recovery Software to Get Lost/Deleted Partitions Back!

The problem was that there were no partitions to asign new letters.
The only one program that works (for me) was MiniTool Power Data Recovery - Technician lic. / Partition recovery. The program have seen all the partitions on RAID matrix and let me save the data over the LAN to another computer. I lost under 0,005% of information (corrupted files - all *.jpg), per job is Ok for me.
Than I format all the raid matrix, partition again, restore the image of system and the data from LAN.
Anyway, thank you for the tip.