New sync Feature

A feature I would love to see in Comodo Backup would be the ability to sync to folders and ensure the latest version of each file are in each. The current sync. feature only works one way and constantly updates the dest. folder. I would prepose changing the name of this process to continual update or something like that and introducing the ability to keep to two folders fully up to date not just one. This ability would have many uses: I, for example, would love the ability to sync my documents and my pen drive as one file maybe newer on the pen drive and another more recent in my docs and i would want the most recent version of each on both the pen drive and my documents. Propagating deletion whould also be wonderful, though I could imagine that being hard to impliment. I think this would make comodo backup perfect.

Anyhu, thats my two cents.


I vote for this too.

I tried having two sync jobs
sync C: to X:
sync X: to C:
but it did what I expected unfortunately.

Excellent suggestion.