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does SiteInspector already feed SecureDNS with blacklisted pages?


Then it’s time to turn SecureDNS on… ;D

does it do it actively as users surf the web though the dns servers or are you using a crawler?

dns data gets sent to siteinspector for scanning.

Does it depend only on users feedback or do you have some kind of automaton that scans MDL, malc0de and similar sites with malware links?

It uses multi level Malware Detection technologies. Nothing to do with user feedback.

From JS scanning to Honey pot technologies…all to catch the malware hiding in your website.

so that means as I actively surf the net with the dns enabled site inspector is actively scanning the page or is it getting sent to a queue to wait to be scanned?

Thanks for clarifying this matter! :-TU

there is a lag…its not instant i am afraid at the moment.

Yeah…imagine the overload on the servers if that would be like real-time scanner…

im sure it will be real-time scanning at some point

we will start working towards reducing the lag soon.

what should help is the more and more sites get scanned the lower the lag because it them knows already what it found, no need to rescan.


It would be extremely unwise not to scan a site because it has been scanned previously.

That’s a bit like saying that if your AV has already scanned a file, it’s safe forever. No further need to scan it.

Since thousands of sites are hacked daily, I wouldn’t put any trust behind something that assumed a site was clean because it had been scanned before.

you have to put a buffer on how often you scan the site, you can’t do it every time a user visits it, maybe once every few days or something like that.

IMO it should crawl popular websites every 30 minutes (Google does CNN more often)… And newly registered domains every few hours…

Pardon my stupidity, but can anyone tell me how this exactly works. Is there an added tool bar, do you have to use Dragon or it is a stand alone product. I am struggling to understand how it works or how it shows me that it is working. Is it similar to AVG’s link scanner etc.

SiteInspector has been integrated into Comodo SecureDNS. Here is some more information about dns servers.

If you want to see how SiteInspector works check it out.

Hope that helps