New Security Program from Japan

Thought a few here might be interested in reading about a “New” Security Suite from Japan !

Here is the article from It is a newsletter from CDFreaks.


Yawn 88) More G-Data clones ;D

I’m trying it out right now, on my VM. I will make a video about it later tonight. So far I found out it uses 4 scanning engines. 3 anti virus F-Prot, Bit-defender and Norman, and 1 anti malware lavasoft. It doe snot have any hips but it has heuristics. But becasue of that I have managed to infect the computer. It just goes to show you it does not take a lot of effort if you rely on signatures along to infect a computer. even if you are use 4 engines.

Cloud AV’s are not any better and if you try hard enough you can infect any computer no matter what AV product you are using and that includes Comodo’s. No AV product is going to stop everything!

All these so called test are a waste of time and prove nothing period. It is up to the user to use his or her PC in a responsible manner. If you go to porn sites and other un-respectable sites you are going to find malware, hackers and keyloggers and more,

The user is the key to safe browsing, not the AV or firewall. Good AV’s and firewalls do help to stop some of the threats but the user must watch where they go online and what they are clicking on or downloading.

And that is the bottom line because the Troll said so!

Not so easy.

I personnally do not, but a lot of people connect to online games and social networking sites, where it is quite easy to be infected by rogues.

I would personnally say that “user responsible behaviour” would be not to connect to such junk sites, but i am afraid that very numerous non-porn non-warez users won’t agree.

This declaration is wrong … because the Troll said so!

because you cannot say so about all sites of that nature as a whole

One would rather be infected much easier visiting FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, or that Russian site …what’s the name ? “SchoolFriends” or something like that

and all you said … Agree.


Un-respectable sites= FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter. And Mr Siberkitty why did you bring my respectable Russian website “Школьные” into this?

Siberkitty doesn’t want to get blacklisted by the Troll on Russian website does he? You would miss looking at the fine girly photos and videos!


Thanks for the review, languy99 :-TU