New scheduled scans

I read in the help file that I can set up scheduled scans at custom intervals or monthly but I see no way to do this. When I try to set up a new schedule, there are no options for the interval. It only gives which days of the week and the time. This would just set up another weekly or daily scan. I would like to set a monthly one. Is there a way to do this?

I never looked into the possibility of scheduled scans but as far as I can see you can only schedule weekly scans and not monthly scans.

If you are running the AV on-access, then disabling the scheduler and simply running a manual profile scan once a month would do (this is what I do).

I have used just about every av out there and never have I seen a monthly scan function on any program. Most av companies recommend doing weekly scans including Comodo.

Well then you’ve never used Norton. My scheduled scans were always set for the first day of every month with Norton and the options were there to do it on whatever schedule you wanted. The help file for CIS says this: “You can choose to run scans at a certain time on a daily, weekly, monthly or custom interval basis”, so why are there no options to do so?

Excuse me but when I said every I meant every. You must be referring to an older version of Norton. I was using NIS 2009 for awhile and it runs a weekly scan every 7-10 days on its own. There was no monthly scan option.

yeah the old versions of norton had that. I used to use symantec corporate 10.2 and it had that option as well as not having an hourly update on the signatures. The fastest you could update would be once per-day, personally not good enough in my book when signatures are your only way to protect the user.

Well you’re wrong because I was also talking about NIS 2009. My scheduled scans were the first day of every month. It was very easy to set it that way. The option most certainly was there. It was in every NIS version I used from 2005-2009.

This still does not answer the question as to why the CIS help file says you can set the scheduled scans any way you want when in reality you can’t.

As far as the update frequency goes, I would rather have daily updates than hourly if there is no way to turn them off while you’re gaming. CIS currently has no such feature, Norton 2009 senses when you are in full screen mode and suspends updating and other things until you exit full screen. CIS needs a similar feature. Since they are planning to implement more frequent updates, they need to give us an option to suspend them. I don’t mean having to go into the settings every time to uncheck auto-update either.

Apparently the Help file is inaccurate in this respect.