new scan window?

does anyone know if this is new?
i found it in beta corner 5.x localizations thread
5.4? maybe

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This looks very good I hope that will come with the CIS 5.4

I hope that added some features from CCE into it

You know what I like the most?

The “hide plugins” options ;D that means that that the scanner becomes modular I think

  • Rootkit module
  • CAMAS module
  • DACS module??

… just guessing here btw.

Interesting… :-TU

very interesting…

i liked the same thing. hmm maybe DACS is coming to cis sooner then we thought.

What is Eicarscan? ???

It uploads your good files to the Eicar website and turns them into viruses. :wink:

Sweet! :smiley:

Thank youi very much
I rlike that its interesting for the next release of CIS
I hope that comes soon for testing

why would it upload good files to some site and then turn them into viruses. am i missing something. i don’t see how that would help anything

Most likely you are missing a joke , trscsaeg :wink:


Just a little levity… :smiley:

ok sorry. i work from 5pm to 3:45am. i’m tired lol. so does anyone know what it really is for. maybe it’s the name of a custom scan idk

Will the CCE be like this also? 88)