New router firewall issues

Hey there,
Bought a new router today and installed it as my old one died. Then I went ahead and turned on my PC and Comodo displayed this alert(See PIC attached) and I allowed it cuz I thought it was my router connecting to my computer.
Well ,is it safe to have allowed this connection??
Please lemme know.

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“If you are not sure, block it” :wink:

I would recommend to disable the Upnp function of your router, as long as you dont need it. If you need it, you should make sure that your routers Upnp function isnt vulnerable.

So the alert isn’t dangerous ,right?
Ok anyways I’ve decided to disable UPNP as a security measure but I’ve read somewhere that disabling UPNP may mess up with the connectivity of other devices on wifi blah blah ,Is that true?

UPnP, on routers, is primarily used to automate tasks like port forwarding. If you disable the service you’ll simply have to perform said these tasks manually, which isn’t terribly hard.