New realease version killed my internet connection

Hi guys, i like this firewall very much, so i update it today to the latest release (v3.0.16.295)… but in the next restart i can’t use the internet.

I tweak a lot of things in the firewall options but it didn’t the solve the problem, just needed to uninstall it in order to recover my internet connection.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? what new feature is interfering with my connection?

thanks in advance for your help.

btw, I’m using Vista Premium.

Hi and welcome to the forums,

After the first reboot, you should have beed asked to reboot for a second time. Did you reboot this second time, as if not, it could have caused functionality issues with CFP?


I did reboot the second time.

I just “fixed” a similar problem caused by the upgrade. Try

Firewall->advanced->network security policy

and make sure the default “block all” rules are (still) at the bottom of their respective sections. If the block all rule is not at the bottom, move it there and all should work again.