New RC still a bit slow...

Even though the new 5.0.159634.1091 has really improved on performance the AV still seems a bit slow, compared with for example Avira free. I originally inslalled the whole CIS internet security, but felt that browsing was a little bit slow. I then installed Comodo firewall together with Avira free, and the result was that avira free +comodo fw seemed a lot faster compared to CIS when it comes to browsing speed. Everything was just so much faster with Avira+ Comodo fw compared to CIS!

Hi Dave,

Do you happen to have “do heuristic command line” active?
There are some performance penalties for that check…

I dont know actually, what do that setting do? I will have to check tha next imem when I have CIS installed.

It’s a Defense+ setting, it protects against scripting attacks and java stuff etc…

Hope it helps…

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Even with scanning not on cloud for scanning my whole computer it’s still really slow.

Can you compare results with something? Previous CIS version, other product?

I care a bit more about real-time performance than the fact that a full scan takes 40 or 50 minutes to be honest… It should not slow down system startup/shutdown and average file browsing and system usage.
Well it has to but at a minimum of course

Hey, Ronny well CIS 4.0 only took 1hour and 30 mins but now the new version 5.0 takes almost 2 hours 20 mins. Comodo should really make a white list with not scanning applications that are trusted just like avast! does.

did you turn on cloud scanning for manual scans? If you that is why.

hey, languy99 like i said in the post above i did not have cloud scanning on at all i used the default setting to CIS witch does not have cloud scanning.

On demand scanning speed slow down is because of more advanvced detection capablitites introduced with new CIS 5 engine. Particularly because of the improved unpacking power.

But here is what i can tell you while comparing CIS with other security software: CIS is NOT a simple antivirus solution. The life would really be simple for us if it was just AV. Scan some files and dont care the rest.

10% of CIS is AV. 90% of it is based on defending against unknown malware.

I have seen some “expert” people to call CIS a minimalistic security solution! Minimalistic means it does not have antispam, backup or any other software builtin. All those patent pending, proactive defenses, cloud based scanners, behavior analysis, sandboxing, virtualization technologies are “minor” features according to those “so called” experts.

10% of CIS is AV. 90% of it is based on defending against unknown malware. And it took us 5 versions to make these technologies mommy friendly…

Install and forget about worrying about malware. You will not get infected.

Yes I have that enabled. That doesn´t seem to slow anything down. It seems to be the comodo AV that is slowing down browsing a bit. It`s no dramatic slowdown, but Avira is faster. Comodo Firewall in Proactive mode does not slow down my computer or browsing.

Hi Dave,

I noticed a performance penalty with system start up to logon ready (responsiveness).

If you say browsing, are you talking about disk browsing files with explorer, or are you browsing around on the www?

I´m talking about internet browsing.

I do notice a bit of a slow down now when i uncheck the “do heuristic command line” or maybe im just crazy.