New Program after install

I use the free version of the Firewall and when I run into problems I follow the uninstall procedure then install the newer version. My question is this, I downloaded just the Firewall version here in the forums, during install I untick all the non-programs like geek buddy because I only want just the firewall. All goes fine, but upon reboot on all Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 systems Internet Security Essentials is installed along with the Comodo Firewall. Is the ISE a “must have” in order to run Comodo Firewall?

In the past during installs this ISE was never installed (version was the last one where it was never installed and previous versions). Current version is when this happened.

Now I tried uninstalling just ISE and my Windows 10 machine after boot up went nuts. Sammy 950 Pro for C drive so that would not cause it to slow down, but it dragged the system down hard. Felt like an old 1990’s hard drive again. Uninstalled the firewall and then followed procedure. Re-downloaded just (what appears to be just the firewall exe) and installed again only to find it installs ISE.

So what gives, it is now required? Just wanting tofind out what’s going on before I proceed with all my other systems I manage. Thanks

No, it’s not a required component.

Thank you for the reply windstorm. I was reading other posts here and the ISE installing is a concern for many. But understand that Comodo is also trying to resolve.

Have a good one