New Product to develope

Hans J Gyllstrom (02/02/11 15:13:19): Well one thing is to create a comodo speed up program to help speed up peoiple’s computers to make them run efficiently and smoothly so that there wont be room for errors 8)

;DHans J Gyllstrom (02/02/11 15:13:50): second idea is to create a Comodo System Driver program that finds people’s computer drivers to update them thoroughly and keep them up to date ;D

that one is not a bad idea :slight_smile:

Your first product idea could be integrated into Comodo System Cleaner, in my opinion, especially since it does some of that already. :wink:

Your second product idea could be integrated into the Comodo Program Manager and is a nice idea in my opinion. :slight_smile:

yes thats seem a great idea coz i have hp and use the hp soft and windows update but cearch for the system