New Product Comodo Must Develop

Hello all,

I wish to share with you an idea that came to mind,

A little preface first:

I have been a self employed computer tech for more than a decade and in that time I have tested a lot of security software and various Linux distro’s including firewall distro’s and full fledged UTM’s as well as countless amounts of hardware.

How my idea came about:

I recently decided it was time to upgrade my aging wireless distribution system in my office comprised of a multitude of tried and true Linksys WRT54G’s flashed with DD-WRT firmware.

As I looked around at wireless routers to decide what I would purchase next I decided to go with a Western Digital MyNet N900 dual band wireless router this thing on paper was awesome features included dual band wireless,7 gigabit ports, on board cooling fan,external USB ports a worthy replacement it seemed…

Boy was I wrong this router turned out to be one of the worst routers I have ever seen dropped connections, slow downs, pages not loading and yes flashed with latest firmware, I even called Western Digital about getting it replacd with a newer model and they really could care less about customer support!

Anyway I was so ticked about what a piece of ■■■■ this thing is I thought I will just build my own router so I decided I would build an Untangle UTM box based on Linux while Untangle is nice it is still a little lacking in security in my opinion as it now uses ClamAv it used to use Kaspersky anyway the only other UTM software that provides better security is Sophos formerly Astaro but it’s not as user friendly.

Anyway getting to the point of my idea, sorry I know this has been a long post, I thought you know who the perfect vendor would be to put out a UTM software? “Comodo” the makers of the best firewall there is… I imagined basically Comodo Internet Security turned into a router/UTM distro to protect entire networks it would be truly awesome!!!

Milah please give this some thought and talk to your Devs…

on it

Now you have me curious… (:NRD)

This is an AWESOME idea!

That’s excellent news !

Any info updates ?

Is the iso ready to be downloaded ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Any infos on the dev of the UTM ?


Any news to share regarding the Comodo UTM ?

It would be the best UTM !



Thanks !