new problem after reinstall of CAVS[Resolved]

first off i am running a

gigabyte motherboard- ga7vt600 1394
amd athalon 2800+ processor
nividia gforce 5600 128 mb video card
768 mb ram
550 watt power supply
windows xp pro service pack 2

i installed CAVS last night and when the on-access scanner tried to start i would get an error message of CAV003. after looking around in the forums i tried getting rid of AVG, SPYWARE DOCTOR, and ADWARE SE PERSONAL. i used TUNE UP UTILITIES to remove anything left in the registry. i then rebooted my system. i was still geting the error message. i then tried to uninstall and reinstall CAVS. now when windows loads i see all my desktop icons but then the system seems to hang up. in systems tray it show CAVS and the on-access scanner but when i put the mouse over it it shows the hour glass like something is still loading. even 15 minutes later. but when i boot in safe mode everything works fine except the onaccess scanner in which i still get the error code CAV003… i need help

Probably one of the antivirus and antispyware programs interfered with the installation. Try to uninstall and reinstall cavs. Maybe it will fix it.

i have already tried that and safe mode wont let me uninstall an i can runn anything in normal mode
so how would i got about doing that

(:SAD) I am having the very same problem. Is this something new for this virus scanner or is it something more than two of us are experiencing? I need some help also if this is figured out.

You cannot uninstall programs when windows is in safe mode. Can’t you do it in normal mode?

no when i try to run in normal it boots fine until windows loads. then it seems to lock up i cant do anything cant even click on the start menu mouse moves but cant do nothing unless i go to safe mode.

ok. Try this:
1.Go in safe mode. Then delete the prefetch folder; is located at c:\windows\prefetch
2.Then run “msconfig” and disable the following:

  • at the “services” tab disable “Comodo Antivirus and Anti-Spyware Service
  • at the “startup” tab disable “CMain” and “CLPTray”.
    3.reboot and go in normal mode.
    4.uninstall cavs and reboot again
i have already tried that and safe mode wont let me uninstall an i can runn anything in normal mode so how would i got about doing that
You might want to have a look at the following site and see if it is of any use (be sure to also check out the linked 'NOTE' at the end of it's instruction):

No guarantees; and I haven’t tried it.


thanks for all the help pandlouk and Laurence after reading what you had to say. i feel like a dumbass. i forgot tuneup utilities has a startup manager. i went there and disabled what you said. then i uninstalled all the comodo stuff then reinstalled it now everything is working fine. guess i got to frustrated. hate to work on my own stuff. rather work on others… haha guess cooler head do prevail.

Good to see that you managed to fix it. (:CLP)
You are welcome (:WAV)