New Private Network

Straight after installing 3.10 firewall a box appears which says:


“The firewall has detected a new private network that your pc is about to join. You may either close this window or follow the steps shown in the screen”. [/i]

The steps are to choose either:

“I would like to be fully accessible to other pcs in this network”

or refuse access.

This is most likely your current internet network.

I can’t remember whether it says or not, but if it does, would you please post the IP address of this network?


Beanie :slight_smile:

The IP Address is:


This is your internet network :slight_smile:

Name the network whatever you want, or leave it as it is, and click ok.

Basically, CIS has identified the network that you use to connect to the internet, and, once you click ok, CIS will protect that network.

Hope this helps,

Beanie :slight_smile:

I just checked my IP address via and it showed my IP Address as being completely different to the one above

That website will show you your actual internet IP address.
Your router then performs NAT (Network Address Translation) to a local IP address in the 192.168.1.xx range. This is your local private network address which Comodo detects.

Different routers allcate different local IP ranges eg. or etc.
Do a Google search on NAT if you want some more info.

Okay, Thanks for that