new private network

Couldn’t find exactly what I need searching the forums…

My laptop is connecting to the internet through a win2000 PC using ICS.
The first time I used it with comodo, the network zone was set-up as:

But most of the time, when my laptop sleeps and wakes again I get the
‘new network’ pop-up, and the new ip address is something like:

Apart from switching off ‘detect new networks’, can anyone tell me why
this is happening and how I can stop it? Did I set-up the network zone
properly? Is this a vista problem, assigning another ip address on waking?

My laptop will be with me in work tomorrow, where we have four different
wif-fi access points on our network. I’d like to know what I’m doing when I
set-up comodo to function with that network.


Good day!

You have set up your network properly, that network has to be set as trusted in the network zone…

the ip adress of 169.254… is an ip adress asigned by windows itself when it can not establish a network connection… a network connection can be lost in windows when going to sleep mode and wake the pc up again… this is a known minor bug in windows… after a while the network connection will be restored… no problem… just ignore the message new private network detected…


When my laptop woke up just now, there were four ‘new network’ popups.
Each with a different temporary address.

I think the win2000 ICS PC must be trying to reconnect with the vista laptop
not realising that it has gone to sleep.

However, after initial testing I think I may have solved this issue, by adding
an ip address mask to this network zone in comodo:
Not sure yet though.

Somebody please correct me if I am wrong I thought the IP Mask should be / or / should be alright for your purpose a little less open.
Should give I believe to address range.